WHAT WE DO.. is an online exercise programming application for professionals who need to prescribe quality exercise programs.   Easily customize, brand and deliver exercise programs online or in a range of PDF layouts.  Our Client Portal allows clients to log in and complete their exercise programs online.  The data captured allows you to track client training compliance and progress.  

A warm welcome to our new members and trial users.  Make sure you visit the 'Watch & Learn' page (link below) and watch the short tutorial videos, they will fast track your understanding of the site.  If you have questions or need help, don't hesitate to contact us.  

. Track Progress - The ability to easily track client compliance & progress in the Client section
. Advanced Exercise Program Customisation - The ability to customise exercise programs to accommodate numbers, supersets, circuits, tempo, work intervals and last minute exercise tips.  
80 New Exercises - Rehabilitation, strength and flexibility exercises
The Program Planner allows you to easily track client training activity and exercise program start and end dates.  For Small Business and Business accounts you will also be able to track which Practitioners are prescribing exercise programs for what clients, and which clients are renewing their programs.
Multiple Unique Logins for Small Business & Business Accounts.  Unique log ins for all practitioners
Hydrotherapy Exercise Collection.  70 new water based strength, stability, flexibility and conditioning exercises. 

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