We’re excited to announce the release of our new client app!  The app will enable your clients to complete their exercise programs on their smartphone.  It contains a host of powerful features, designed to empower and engage your clients with their programs.  Because it carries your branding, you continually remind your clients how great your service really is. The first release for iPhone is available now, the Android release is coming soon.

Features include - 

  - Exercise program, video and form sharing
  - Exercise, set, repetition and load recording
  - Training compliance and load tracking 

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ExerciseSoftware.com is an online exercise programming application for professionals who prescribe quality exercise programs.  Easily customise, brand and deliver exercise programs via our app, online, or in a range of PDF layouts.  Our 'My Exercise Program' app allows your clients to complete their program on their smartphone, and the data captured allows you to track client training compliance and progress.