• Create exercise programs quickly using the intuitive 'Quick Add' and 'Search' functionality

  • Search the exercise collection by name, body part, muscle group or equipment

  • Utilise exercise program templates for fast and consistent programming

  • 'Drag and Drop' functions to make creating and organising programs quick and easy

  • Catalogue exercises programs by client to make managing, tracking and updating programs fast and efficient


  • Exercise programs can be delivered as PDF, or online through the Client App or Portal

  • 15 Different PDF exercise program layouts to meet diverse needs.  Includes combinations of pictures, descriptors, grids and lists. 

  • PDF Exercise programs can be printed, emailed and posted on your website

  • All formats can be branded with your company details and logo

Mobile app for your clients

Empower and engage your clients with an exercise program experience on their smartphone

Intuitive, user friendly app experience, offered as an alternative to PDF & printed exercise programs 

Clients can view their exercise program, record sets, reps & loads, and then track compliance & progress 

Exercise programs are easily shared by the practitioner and available instantly in the app for the client

Information recorded by the client is immediately available to the practitioner to track compliance and progress

The app carries your company branding & contact details

The app supports two way sharing of videos, for a personalised experience 


  • A collaboration from  leaders in the fields of Strength & Conditioning, Sports Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Health & Fitness

  • The exercise collection is continually evolving with 1200 exercises, 2000 images and video files.

  • Easily create new exercises and customise the existing collection to ensure it meets you needs and reflects your style

  • The collection is diverse and includes strength, power, remedial, stability, proprioception, Pilates, yoga, hydrotherapy, rehab running, conditioning, speed and agility exercises. 

  • Each exercise is classified by Training Category, Body Part, Muscle Group, Equipment and keywords to expedite the search process

additional capabilities to make life easier


Design your own page header, then apply it to all your exercise programs


Build your own library of exercise program templates to systemise your programming and improve efficiency


Create new exercises and modify the original collection to ensure the exercises reflect your style. 


The Program Planner provides a gantt chart like view of your clients and their programs to easily manage your programming 


Share Forms with your clients in the mobile app and client portal. Automatically catalogue their responses with their client profile. 

Cover Pages

Build out our own content as Cover Pages, then associate these cover pages with any exercise program you create. 

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