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Key Elements of

Clients Can Now Complete Their Exercise Programs Online

. Share exercise programs with your clients online via our Client Portal
. Clients simply log in at and complete their exercise program
. Data captured during training is immediately available to the practitioner and can be used to track the client's compliance and progress
. The Client Portal is branded with your details and logo
. Programs can be completed on any web browser including tablet and phone browsers.
. See video tutorial here

Exercise Programs
. Exercise programs can be delivered online via the Client Portal, or generated as PDF files
. PDF Files can be printed, emailed and posted on your website
. PDF Programs come in 15 different layouts

Exercise Program Creation

. Create exercise programs quickly using the 'Quick Add' and 'Search' functionality
. Search the exercise collection by exercise name, body part, muscle group or equipment
. Create exercise program templates for faster programming
. 'Drag and Drop' functions to make creating and organising programs easy
. Deliver programs online, via email or as a printed page.

Exercise Collection Customisation
. Add new exercises with your pictures or photos
. Edit any exercise in the exercise collection
. Change any exercise name, description, classification or images to suit your needs
. 'Hide' exercises you won't use to allow faster searching
. Make commonly used Exercises 'Favourites' to see them at the top of your search list so you can find them fast!

Exercise Innovation
. Begin with over 1000 exercises in your exercise collection
. Add your own exercises and customise the existing collection
. The exercise collection spans a multitude of training types
. Over 1800 exercise images, plus the ability to add your own
. No limit to the number of exercises you can add to the system


. Add your branding and logo to the Client Portal
. Create your own Page Header with your company logo for your PDF programs
. Branding helps deliver uniform presentation and a professional image

Exercise Program Templates
. 40 Exercise Program Templates are shared with all users
. Create your own Templates to include all your favourite exercise routines
. Templates ensure programs rarely need to be written from scratch
. Templates assist staff to create uniform exercise program themes

Advantages of Web Based Software
. Access our website from anywhere
. Use any device - PC, Mac, iPad or android tablet
. Low monthly or annual fees
. Low risk, no obligation, cancel anytime
. No need to install software or back up data
. Automatic upgrades and product development