The Program Planner is designed to make it easy to manage and track multiple clients.

 It will allow you to –
 – Identify exercise program end (expiry) dates so you can more directly service and update your clients
 – Easily track client training activity (via the client portal) and see which client’s have been consistently completing their programs
 – For Small Business and Business accounts you can track which Practitioners are prescribing exercise programs for what clients, and how effectively programs are being updated


1. When writing an exercise program, set a start and end date (Create Program section)

2. Program/Program Planner section – Understanding the chart
– The chart will show clients that have recent and current exercise programs (configurable date range)
– The chart row will show the date range covered by the exercise program for each client (Gantt chart style)
– Expand the client row to show the actual exercise program(s) for each client
– The number in the chart row (if any), shows the number of sessions the client has completed through the Client Portal

3. Chart functions
– Click the exercise program name to open the program for editing
– Click the current week of the program to go directly to the client portal
– Click and drag the right edge of the program to adjust the end date. If the program has already expired, open the program for editing, then adjust end date
– Click the ‘Add’ icon to create a new program for the specific client

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