ESSA & ExerciseSoftware Partnership

We are proud to support ESSA members as the only Australian designed, and developed exercise programming solution in the market today. Over 500 ESSA members currently choose ExerciseSoftware. We would love to partner with you and help you achieve your professional goals. 


ESSA members receive the first 30 days access FREE and a 25% rebate on all annual licenses.  This enables full site access for less than $12 a month for individuals, and $22 a month for businesses.  Register for the free trial, and then email us your ESSA Membership number to activate the offers.


Serving the needs of Exercise Physiologists, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Sports Physiotherapists and Allied Health Professionals.

Work More Effectively

Quickly create & manage exercise programs using the intuitive web application, then deliver to your client through the client app, as a PDF or in print form. Leverage exercise customisation, program templates, and favourites to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.


Develop your own exercise collection and exercise program templates to improve efficiency and consistency of your service. All exercise programs and associated information is stored in the system for future reference and reuse.

Empower Your Clients

Don't just prescribe exercise, empower your clients to complete their exercise program. Encourage clients to use the client app ‘My Exercise Program’ to record their training and monitor progress. Set targets and use the automated reminders to improve compliance and outcomes.

Customisation & Branding

Customize and expand the extensive exercise collection using your own photos and videos to ensure the exercises reflect your style. Brand exercise programs and the client app with your logo and details.

Flexible Program Delivery

If our client app does not suit the situation, generate the exercise program in one of 16 different PDF formats and deliver in print, via email or post it online.

Streamlined for Professionals

We are focussed on delivering an easy to learn, highly effective exercise programming solution for professionals. All the core features you need and a great experience for your client.


1. Create

Create the exercise program by selecting exercises from the collection. Adjust exercise details, sets, repetitions, loads and add any special instructions.

2. Brand

Add your company logo and contact details to any exercise program and the My Exercise Program app.

3. Share

Print or email the program in one of 15 different PDF layouts, or share the program with the client for access through the My Exercise Program app.

4. Review

All information logged by the client in the app is available to the practitioner in real time to review compliance,  progress and loading.

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