This section provides access to individual Exercise information.  From here exercises can be Created, Edited, added to Favorites list and Hidden. Create a New Exercise
Click the Create Exercise button in the Manage Exercises section Edit an Existing Exercise
Click the Edit icon of the appropriate exercise in the operations column of the Manage Exercises section

Exercise Creation & Editing
Each exercise has information listed under 3 tabs.  This information is used to identify, find and present the exercise.

Name & Classification
This information is used to find the exercise in the exercise collection.  Ensure exercises are named and classified in a logical manner, similar to the original collection. 1. Name the Exercise  name fields (2 parts) will be separated by a hyphen. For example Push Up – Exercise Ball
2. Select appropriate Training Category
3. Add Keywords  list training sub types, individual muscles, commonly used exercise names and words to quickly identify the exercise
4. Select appropriate Body Part & Muscle Groups
5. Select appropriate Equipment
Tab 2 – Settings & Descriptor
This information acts as the default setting for the exercise. This information can be edited once the exercise has been added to an exercise program. 1. Add values for Sets, Repetitions, Rest & Load
2. Select Output format  This is the sentence structure used when exercises are printed in picture format
3. Write appropriate exercise description (use existing exercises as a guide)
Tab 3 – Media
Image files will print as part of the exercise program whenever appropriate Print Layouts are chosen.
To Add media. Browse to locate the file, click Open
Assign a Key  This describes the file to position the image for print
– ‘Start’ position at beginning of exercise
– ‘Finish’ – mid point or finish position
– ‘Grid’ – diagram representing exercise
– ‘Video’ – video file of exercise

Click Add file Recommended media file sizes
Large file sizes slow exercise search, exercise program generation and printing.   Please ensure all files are minimal size.
Image Files – Less than 50KB file, approx 300×300 pixels is sufficient
Video Files – Less than 1MB file, 1 repetition of the exercise is sufficient

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