Sample Exercise Programs

Quick Facts

  • Exercise program are delivered via the Client Portal and completed online by the client, or they are generated as PDF files that can be printed, emailed or posted on the web.  
  • There are 15 different PDF exercise program layouts to choose from  
  • Option to include a page header with a logo and cover page with any program
  • Option to include the client name, program name and comments at the beginning of each program
  • The one exercise program can be created in multiple layouts
  • Programs can include as many exercises as desired - no limits!

PDF Picture Layouts

  • 1 Exercise Per Page (sample below)
  • 3 Exercises Per Page
  • 3-4 Exercises Per Page (sample below)
  • 6 Exercises Per Page (sample on right)
  • 6-8 Exercises Per Page
  • 8-10 Exercises Per Page (sample below)

PDF Grid Layouts

  • 4 Week Periodised Program with Pictures (sample below)
  • 4 Week Periodised Program (sample below)
  • 4 Session Grid
  • 4 Session Grid - Large Font
  • 6 Session Grid
  • 8 Session Grid

PDF Session Plans

  • Session Plan - Exercise List (sample below)
  • Session Plan with Descriptors

Sample Exercise Programs

1 Exercise Per Page                                                                                                                                    3-4 Exercises Per Page



6 Exercises Per Page                                                                                                10 Exercises Per Page

4 Week Periodised Program with Pictures                                                                                          Session Plan

4 Week Periodised Program