My Exercise Program App

Introducing the My Exercise Program App

Updated November 2021.

This app will enable your clients to complete their exercise programs on their smartphone, rather than via a hardcopy, PDF or through the Client Portal.  By completing their program in the app they enter valuable information to help track their training compliance and progress. The app carries your company branding and details reminding your clients how great your service is!!

** READ ME **  This app is for clients.  You must login to the app with Client credentials (email and password), not Practitioner credentials. Find these details in the Clients/Details section. 

App Screenshots

Available Now for iPhone & Android Devices

The app is available now for iPhone from the App Store and for Android users from the Google Play Store. Use the QR code at top of screen, these links or search for the app by name. Download Now for Apple. Download Now for Android.


How it Works

Data is shared to the app from in the same way it is shared to the Client Portal. To personalise the app, add your company logo and details in the More > Client Portal section

To enable client access, share content and track progress

- Enable Client Portal access and share login credentials with the client, from the Client > Client Details section

- Share Exercise Programs, Forms or Videos with the client from the respective Client sections

- Once the client logs into the app, any shared exercise programs, forms or videos will be available

- As the client completes their program, all information is available in the Client > Training Progress section

Explore the App

1. Complete an Exercise Program - Start an exercise program and view the prescribed exercises. Open the exercise to view the details and record repetitions and load for each set. Continue through the program before marking the session as complete and recording the training intensity score (RPE).

2. Progress – Once a few sessions have been completed explore the training Consistency, Load and Exercise Tracker sections where a range of variables can be used to assess compliance and progress.

3. Videos – The practitioner can share videos with the client from, while the client can record videos in the app that are shared with the practitioner. All videos are available to the practitioner in the ExerciseSoftware/Client/Client Details/Videos section.

4. Forms – The practitioner can share Forms with the client, the client can then view and complete forms in the app. All forms are available to the practitioner in ExerciseSoftware/Client/Client Details/Forms section.

5. Practitioner Info - Your business logo is displayed in the top left corner of the app, click it to reveal your contact details



We need your help to continue to improve. Please take a few minutes and tell us what you think of the app.

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