Exercise Collection

The exercise collection has been compiled by professionals working in the fields of

  • Strength & Conditioning - Elite sport institutes and professional teams
  • Physiotherapy - Sports physiotherapists and clinical Pilates instructors
  • Exercise Rehabilitation - Clinic and hospital based rehabilitation and professional sports teams
  • Health & Fitness - Group fitness instructors and yoga specialist

The complete exercise collection is continually updated.  It currently contains 1040 exercises and more than 1800 photo and picture files.   All exercises are classified by Training Category, Body Part, Muscle Group, Equipment and keywords to ensure they can be found quickly.  Each Training Category contains a range of exercises across the spectrum of simple to complex.

Complete Customisation - ExerciseSoftware.com allows the user to Add and Edit all the exercises in the exercise collection.  This ensures the exercise collection can develop specifically to the needs of the user.

To view the complete exercise collection Register for a Free Trial and see it for yourself, it includes...

  • Strength Training - barbell, dumbbell, body weight, machine, kettlebell, suspension trainer
  • Exercise Rehabilitation - muscle activation, proprioception, remedial strength, elastic cords and bands
  • Core - Floor based Pilates, yoga poses, exercise ball, body weight, floor based strength and stability exercises
  • Flexibility - static, dynamic, mobilisations, neural
  • Conditioning - aerobic, anaerobic, interval training, gym based cross training, field based conditioning
  • Rehabilitation Running - Graded running, drills, linear and non linear
  • Power & Max Strength Training - Olympic lifts, traditional strength and power exercises
  • Field Based Speed and Power - speed drills, agility, footwork, plyometics, medicine balls

If anything is missing...just add it yourself :)